Coming Soon: Healthy Humor Marathon

raising money for BRAIN HEALTH RESEARCH

This year we will be hosting local events in San Diego, as well as virtual events around the globe thanks to our Beyond Funny Friends (BFFs). More event details will be posted asap.

In the meantime, enjoy our free webinars from last year. Humor heals! 

Online Webinars (20 mins each)

Amazed and Amused: The Brain Benefits of Healthy Humor with Heidi Hanna and Karyn Buxman

Nutrition for Brainpower: Fuel Your Funny with Heidi Hanna

Stress Busters for Brain Health: The Power of Seeing Funny with Heidi Hanna and Karyn Buxman

Want to help? Here's how...

We're recruiting volunteers for this year's live events in San Diego, as well as people willing to host a virtual event, support our social media party, drop off educational resources at senior care facilities and more. If you'd like to join our team, please email Thank you!